Lunit to Advance Singapore's Healthcare System with AI-powered Solution for Medical Imaging

04th December, 2023

Lunit INSIGHT CXR is piloted at Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital through AimSG, a national medical imaging AI platform for Singapore's Public Healthcare

Lunit (KRX:328130.KQ), a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, partners with NTT DATA Singapore to introduce Lunit INSIGHT CXR to Singapore's public healthcare system.


As part of the agreement, Lunit collaborated with CARPL to provide NTT DATA with Lunit INSIGHT CXR. NTT DATA then facilitated the software delivery to Synapxe, Singapore's national health-tech agency. This strategic collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate the solution into the clinical radiology workflow of Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH). Both are award-winning public hospitals with over 1,000 beds and are members of SingHealth, Singapore's largest group of public healthcare institutions.


With the introduction of Lunit INSIGHT CXR into the chest X-ray workflow, both hospitals aim to enhance the efficiency of chest screening while providing their patients with innovative medical services with improved accuracy.

AimSG Pilot Project: A Collaborative Leap Towards AI-driven Healthcare Transformation

The AimSG pilot project is a collaboration amongst Synapxe, SingHealth, Lunit, NTT DATA, and its partners (DeepTek and CARPL), supported by Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH) and Smart Nation Singapore. AimSG allows public healthcare institutions to integrate AI imaging solutions, like Lunit INSIGHT CXR, seamlessly into their existing clinical radiology workflow, enhancing medical professionals' diagnostic capabilities and efficiency.

"The AimSG platform is an enabler that aims to accelerate Singapore public healthcare institutions to validate and deploy credible AI imaging models in a complex healthcare technology landscape. Such an AI model may be developed within the Singapore healthcare ecosystem or selected from industry partners. AimSG is an open and vendor-neutral platform that will serve multiple use cases that apply AI to clinical images, such as chest X-ray, mammogram, cardiac CT, and more," said Glenn Neo, Head of Innovation Capabilities Enablement, Synapxe.

Healthcare institutions that have adopted Lunit's AI solution through AimSG have had a positive response and are looking forward to improving the medical imaging workflow.

"The AimSG platform enables clinicians from public healthcare institutions to deploy AI algorithms to help them deliver better healthcare to the population. This will enhance our efforts to enable the '3Ps' of Preventive, Predictive, and Personalised medicine," said Dr. Charlene Liew, Director of Innovation, SingHealth Duke-NUS Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme and Deputy Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Changi General Hospital.

"Harnessing AI solutions through the AimSG platform and integrating the AI directly into the clinical workflow can potentially advance our ability to enhance the interpretation and diagnosis of chest diseases for patients. This holds the potential to facilitate and expedite patient care while minimizing the strain on the healthcare workforce," said Dr Chan Lai Peng, Academic Vice-chair of Clinical Service Operations, SingHealth Duke-NUS Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme and Head of Diagnostic Radiology, Singapore General Hospital.

"Taking part in the AimSG project and collaborating with our partners to bring Lunit INSIGHT CXR to Singapore's public healthcare system is a significant step in our mission to advance the cancer care landscape worldwide," said Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit. "Considering Singapore's position as the primary destination for medical AI companies in Southeast Asia and the largest contributor to the market in the region, this collaboration holds immense potential. It will not only bring significant benefits to Singapore but also pave the way for us to tap into the broader Southeast Asian market."

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