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New study supports efficacy of robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy in renal mass surgery

Study supports the value and benefits of the robotic approach to partial nephrectomy in India...Read more

25th May, 2024

Dr. Reddy's Labs announces launch of Nerivio in Spain for migraine treatment

Nerivio is planned to be launched in the United Kingdom next June...Read more

25th May, 2024

CORE Diagnostics to expand services to 50 new cities in 2024

Rs 15-20 crore worth investment lined up by CORE Diagnostics to execute new plans this year...Read more

22nd May, 2024

KKR invests in Mumbai-based healthcare revenue solutions provider Infinx

Infinx’s Healthcare Revenue Cloud platform supports end-to-end revenue cycle business functions ...Read more

21st May, 2024

JV Ventures launches 'The Medical Centre' in Hyderabad

A bespoke healthcare-dedicated infrastructure platform...Read more

21st May, 2024

TDK Corp partners with IIT Madras to support diagnostic, medtech startups

Identifying, supporting, mentoring, and investing in healthcare and diagnostic technologies...Read more

21st May, 2024

Smart Hospitals: Critical for transforming healthcare infrastructure

Successful implementation of smart hospitals requires ongoing collaboration between technologists and healthcare practitioners in India...Read more

21st May, 2024 | By Vineet Aggarwal, Chief Information Officer, Paras Health 

iHridAI launches AI-ML based diagnostics tool for analysis of cardiac MRIs

Amplifies the accuracy and increases the speed and efficiency of medical diagnosis in cardiology related ailments...Read more

20th May, 2024

Artemis Medicare Services raises Rs 330 Cr to bolster healthcare footprint

The investment will help the company improve healthcare accessibility and quality...Read more

16th May, 2024

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