MicroPort® CRM Advances Heart Failure Treatment in Japan with Launch of GALI™ SonR® CRT-D and NAVIGO™ 4LV Leads

19th February, 2024

GALI™ SonR® CRT-D and NAVIGO™ 4LV Pacing Leads Launch Set to Enhance Heart Failure Management and Patient Safety

Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

MicroPort® CRM, a leader in Cardiac Rhythm Management, has announced the introduction of its GALI™ SonR® Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy and Defibrillation (CRT-D) device along with NAVIGO™ 4LV left ventricular pacing leads in Japan. This launch marks a significant milestone in the provision of advanced cardiac care, offering novel solutions for patients with heart failure.

The GALI™ SonR® CRT-D device is at the forefront of innovation, featuring a hemodynamic sensor that measures left ventricle contractility in real time. This enables the device to automatically adjust therapy parameters to optimize patient care, significantly reducing the risk of heart failure hospitalizations by 35%. Additionally, the device incorporates the PARAD+™ arrhythmia discrimination algorithm, reducing the incidence of inappropriate shocks, and AutoMRI™ technology, allowing for safer MRI scans.

Accompanying the CRT-D device, the NAVIGO™ 4LV leads are designed to enhance left ventricular pacing. These quadripolar leads, compatible with the IS4 standard, offer flexibility in pacing strategies thanks to their slender design and variable shapes and lengths. Clinical trials have demonstrated their high safety and efficacy, with notable success and complication-free rates.

The introduction of these technologies in Japan is expected to benefit approximately 3,700 patients annually who undergo CRT-D implantation. Physicians like Kengo Kusano M.D., from Osaka, and Professor Morio Shoda M.D., Ph.D., from Tokyo Women’s Medical University, have lauded the system's innovative approach and clinical effectiveness.

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) is a proven therapeutic approach for heart failure patients, improving overall survival, quality of life, and reducing hospital admissions. With the launch of GALI™ SonR® CRT-D and NAVIGO™ 4LV, MicroPort® CRM is set to significantly contribute to the advancement of heart failure management in Japan.

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