Korean startup Lunit expands reach of AI-powered chest screening solution to global military health institutions

13th November, 2023

Lunit delivers Lunit INSIGHT CXR to the military hospital in the Phillippines, Korea, and soon to Uzbekistan

South Korea based startup Lunit has announced the successful supply of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chest screening solution, Lunit INSIGHT CXR, to several key institutions in the Philippines and South Korea military.

In the Philippines, Lunit INSIGHT CXR has been deployed at the Victoriano Luna Medical Center, Manila. The Victoriano Luna Medical Center is a key support unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Its primary responsibility is to deliver medical care to both military personnel and civilian staff of the AFP. The solution will be integrated into mobile X-ray devices to detect the 10 most common chest abnormalities, including lung cancer, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.

In a significant move to enhance healthcare infrastructure on military warships, Lunit has also supplied its INSIGHT CXR to the Korean Somali Sea Escort Task Group's destroyer ROKS Yangmanchun (DDH 973), currently operating in the Gulf of Aden. Typically, military warships have a constrained healthcare infrastructure with limited opportunities for professional medical examinations. However, the introduction of Lunit INSIGHT CXR is anticipated to substantially improve this situation, offering a crucial enhancement to the medical facilities available on board.

Furthermore, Lunit has announced plans to bring Lunit INSIGHT CXR to a military hospital in Uzbekistan by the end of this year.


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