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New study supports efficacy of robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy in renal mass surgery

Study supports the value and benefits of the robotic approach to partial nephrectomy in India...Read more

25th May, 2024

Dr. Reddy's Labs announces launch of Nerivio in Spain for migraine treatment

Nerivio is planned to be launched in the United Kingdom next June...Read more

25th May, 2024

Korean medtech startup HoneyNaps secures $11.6 M Series B investment

Propelling its entry into the American medical market...Read more

24th May, 2024

WHO approves largest number of regulatory agencies for medical products

Decision is based on the recommendation by the WHO technical advisory group...Read more

22nd May, 2024

AiM Medical Robotics set to validate surgical robot for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's patients

First human MRI-guided clinical study for image-guided stereotactic neurosurgery ...Read more

21st May, 2024

JV Ventures launches 'The Medical Centre' in Hyderabad

A bespoke healthcare-dedicated infrastructure platform...Read more

21st May, 2024

TDK Corp partners with IIT Madras to support diagnostic, medtech startups

Identifying, supporting, mentoring, and investing in healthcare and diagnostic technologies...Read more

21st May, 2024

SHL Telemedicine expands offering in Israel with at-home biomarker blood test

Users in Israel will be able for the first time in the world to perform an at-home Biomarker blood test...Read more

21st May, 2024

US Food and Drug Administration extends MoU with MedISAO for strengthening medical device security

2023 study found nearly 1,000 vulnerabilities spanning 966 medical products...Read more

20th May, 2024

Exploring Japan's Healthcare Landscape, Opportunities, and Challenges at MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO

Tokyo, Japan - Connecting Healthcare Innovators: Exploring New Opportunities at the Premier Medical Trade Show by RX Japan Ltd....Read more

20th May, 2024

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