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Thailand approves Qiagen's NeuMoDx HIV-1 Quant assay for blood-borne virus testing

As an aid in the clinical management of patients with HIV-1, HBV, HCV...Read more

16th April, 2024

Shimadzu announces opening of R&D centre for scientific instruments in US

To accurately understand customer needs and accelerate product and technology development...Read more

16th April, 2024

IIT-M launches India’s first mobile medical devices calibration facility

Calibration is crucial as it ensures the accuracy of medical instruments for precise disease diagnosis and effectiveness...Read more

17th April, 2024

Dräger Launches Vista 300 in India, Transforming Hospital Information Systems with Advanced Patient Monitoring

Dräger, a global leader in medical and safety technology, announces the launch of Vista 300 in India, a groundbreaking patient monitoring system designed to streamline information flow across hospital departments...Read more

16th April, 2024

Singapore pilots personalised transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatment resistant depression

To validate the efficacy of precision modality in helping persons with treatment-resistant depression...Read more

13th April, 2024

Warburg Pincus invests in ophthalmic equipment and intraocular lenses brand Appasamy Associates

Largest investment in the healthcare sector by Warburg Pincus in India...Read more

10th April, 2024

ModMed & Medtronic collaborate to drive colonoscopies using AI

AI capabilities of GI genius by Medtronic will help save detection time by providing real-time integration ...Read more

10th April, 2024

Roche Diagnostics India launches heart failure test for diabetics as point-of-care device

Offers faster testing, early risk identification, thereby improving disease management...Read more

10th April, 2024

Korea-based Medit unveils next evolution of Intraoral Scanners

Discovering the latest cutting-edge dental technology...Read more

09th April, 2024

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