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Biomerica to enhance colorectal and breast cancer screening in Dubai

Dubai Healthcare Authority granted insurance reimbursement for Biomerica’s EZ Detect colon disease screening test...Read more

30th April, 2024

MGI Tech opens customer experience center in Brazil

To contribute to the advancement of genomics in Latin America...Read more

28th April, 2024

Merck and Huma Therapeutics launch innovative app to support bladder cancer patients

Enabling better care experiences for cancer patients ...Read more

29th April, 2024

Paras Health expands footprint in Delhi-NCR with new medical technologies

New hospital is expected to be completed in 2026...Read more

29th April, 2024

Stockholm's Hermes Medical Solutions and Spectrum Dynamics Medical partner up

To offer an integrated solution of the Hermia software with the Veriton-CT scanner...Read more

29th April, 2024

Medtronic receives US FDA approval for Inceptiv closed-loop spinal cord stimulator

Closed-loop sensing capability instantly and automatically adjusts therapy while treating chronic pain...Read more

26th April, 2024

IIT Roorkee and UnivLabs collaborate to develop biodegradable ureteral stents

Biodegradable stents reduce discomfort, and decrease risk of complications...Read more

26th April, 2024

German medtech firm joimax obtains registration for all products in India

Indian registration includes all joimax Class II and III, as well as Class I instruments...Read more

26th April, 2024

Owlstone Medical secures $6.5 M to develop breath-based diagnostics for infectious disease

Developing new cost-effective detection technologies for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)...Read more

25th April, 2024

China's United Imaging Healthcare strengthens partnership with MedikaBazaar for Indian market leadership

India is one of the most strategic markets for United Imaging's international business...Read more

25th April, 2024

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