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Augnito and Cloud Solutions partner to deliver AI-powered healthcare in Middle East

Significantly improving the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of healthcare services...Read more

09th April, 2024

Israel's Inspira explores use of ART100 device to provide neonates with vital respiratory support

Exploring usability as an artificial womb for neonates in need of vital respiratory support ...Read more

04th April, 2024

FullCare Medical starts medical garment production at Tatu City, Kenya

$30 million facility employs 1,800 Kenyans in first phase ...Read more

30th March, 2024

UltraSight Partners with SELVAS Healthcare to Launch AI-Driven Cardiac Ultrasound Software in Asia

New joint venture creates pathway for introducing UltraSight's technology to Korean market...Read more

06th February, 2024

Beckman Coulter Introduces DxC 500 AU Chemistry Analyzer, Enhances Portfolio with Six Sigma Performance

New analyzer complements hub labs by advancing capabilities of satellite and independent community hospital labs...Read more

30th January, 2024

BD Advances Women's Health Equity in Kenya with Cancer Screening

Collaboration with Kenya Ministry of Health National Cancer Institute Aims to Expand Access to Diagnostics, Reduce Cervical Cancer Rates...Read more

26th January, 2024

Israel's Joy Ventures rebrands as Corundum Neuroscience to spur neuroscience technology innovation

New fund launched to implement 'Lab-to-Life' model to support neuroscience research...Read more

13th November, 2023

First and only metered-dose cannabis inhaler to obtain ARTG approval in Australia

A historic milestone in the field of medicinal cannabis treatment...Read more

06th November, 2023

NEOM is fundamentally reshaping health by placing a strong emphasis on personalised care

The core of a holistic health reform lies in the integration of emerging cutting-edge technologies into personalised care, emphasising interdisciplinary approaches. To fulfil the burgeoning healthcare requirement, Saudi ...Read more

06th November, 2023

BGI Genomics Combats Hepatitis in Ethiopia

Healthcare localization and standardization support the Belt and Road Initiative...Read more

19th October, 2023

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