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Dawn Health and Merck collaborate to support Growth Disorders care

Focus on patient-centricity to deliver an intuitive, engaging digital solution product...Read more

01st July, 2024

New data from Medtronic’s MiniMed 780G addresses persistent blood sugar challenges for T1D

System decreased intensity of dawn phenomenon and improved overnight sleep...Read more

21st June, 2024

Swiss startup Aktiia receives regulatory approval for calibration-free optical blood pressure system technology

System offers accessible, comfortable method for long-term blood pressure monitoring...Read more

14th June, 2024

Abbott receives U.S. FDA clearance for two new over-the-counter continuous glucose monitoring systems

Designed for people managing T2DM through lifestyle modifications without using insulin...Read more

11th June, 2024

China's Alibaba DAMO Academy partners with WHO to advance medical AI

To bring the benefits of medical AI to more developing countries...Read more

06th June, 2024

Stryker releases LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator

Designed to provide real-time access to crucial patient data...Read more

04th June, 2024

SHL Telemedicine expands offering in Israel with at-home biomarker blood test

Users in Israel will be able for the first time in the world to perform an at-home Biomarker blood test...Read more

21st May, 2024

BM Birla Heart Hospital spearheads ‘Enhanced Cardiac Care’ programme with Dozee

Focusing on continuous monitoring to identify and address clinical deterioration early...Read more

13th May, 2024

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