RetinAI Discovery® platform and AI tools launched to improve decision workflows, referrals and patient management in Clinics for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

20th February, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

Introducing RetinAI Discovery® Platform and AI Tools for Enhanced Clinical Decision Making and Patient Management

Ikerian AG and RetinAI Inc. US (“RetinAI”), a leader in developing software solutions for image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) in Ophthalmology, has launched RetinAI Discovery® for Clinics ('Discovery'), with two product versions to address the needs of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

Discovery for Clinics and its expert-level AI models have been designed to accelerate and enhance clinical decision workflows, teleophthalmology management, referral decisions and patient management generating data efficiencies and enhancing decisions for clinics.

The vendor neutral and multi-modality platform harmonizes, aggregates, and connects large datasets on a single, cloud-based repository for data. The data is then automatically analyzed with RetinAI’s CE-marked and Research Use Only (RUO) AI algorithms for accelerated and AI-biomarker based treatment decisions. The AI models can be processed on DICOM and other formats for OCT and fundus imaging.

Both the Ophthalmology and Optometry versions of Discovery for Clinics have progression analytics to help track trends in outcomes and provide powerful visualization to patients on the progression of their disease. The platform connects healthcare stakeholders and patients with Discovery Passport™, a feature that allows physicians to securely share with patients their data and remote questionnaires, to improve patient engagement and ultimately continue the quality of care for patients both in and outside the clinic. The platform in both versions supports referral networks and the participation in clinical trials via the collection of Real-World Data (RWD), enabling clinics to generate additional service opportunities.

On top of these tools, the Ophthalmology version features RUO AI models for a more detailed analysis of Geographic Atrophy, and the ability to look at future atrophy progression through the prediction progression model.

“Discovery for Clinics is a powerful tool empowering not only physicians with enhanced AI-powered data insights to optimize outcomes and treatments, but also patients, giving them access to their data,” says Dr Carlos Ciller, CEO and co-founder of Ikerian, parent company of RetinAI.

Commenting on Discovery for Ophthalmology Clinics Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marion R. Monk, MD PhD FEBO Senior Retinal Physician, Augenarzt-Praxisgemeinschaft Gutblick AG said, “RetinAI Discovery® and its fast volumetric AI analysis of OCT images and intuitive progression graphs have provided me with new insights into eye diseases, allowing me to build on existing blocks of AI technology to extract my clinical insights quicker.”

Commenting on Discovery for Optometry Clinics Dr. Trusit Dave, PhD, BSc (Hons), DipTp (IP), Prof Cert Galuc, MCOptom, FAAO said, “I have used the RetinAI Discovery® platform and find it to be easy to use and provides useful metrics for AMD, in particular analyzing biomarkers associated with AMD to determine better patient referrals.”

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